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Ascension Cults

The Ascension Cults are a series of religious fanatic groups obsessed with escaping our Imperium either physically or metaphysically. Among these are those Retri Gahani who rose every so often. Typically, these cults were started by an individual with strong charisma who preyed on weak-minded citizens.

Although this is indicative of most cults, what makes ascension cults stand out is the emphasis on escapism. Some would claim Odni Planyeti as a fallen Eden to be reclaimed by the faithful. Others would claim that the original inhabitants in Odni Planyeti had ascended, and that those in the cult should do likewise.

Those most disturbing were the ascension cults that required the members engage in horrific acts, either of self-mutilation or of mass murder (either of the cult members or non-cult members).


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