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Bang Hai Nok Incident

During the Frontier Rebellion, racist Alearian Cultist forces descended upon the peaceful world of Nguyonh. The Nguyonhi people were righteously proud of the adaptations their ancestors had adopted to survive their otherwise inhospitable world, but the Cultists could not tolerate the existence of such an influentual and wealthy Anthorph people.

Nguyonh was a dry, heavy, and hot world. Its people were highly modified from the human norm, and a seperate subspecies had been created in the Nguyonh system’s two asteroid belts. Nguyonh’s polar monopole fountains provided an endless stream of wealth to its people.

While previous cultist attacks on Anthorph worlds had resulted in much success for the cultists, the Nguyonh were forewarned, and forearmed. In preparation for the certain invasion, they prepared the earliest models of the now-famous Nguyonhi Assault Suits. After the incident, military technology firms became another source of prestige and income for the heroic Nguyonhi.

No surer example of the Creator’s despite for dogmatic and incurious beliefs can be than the swift and total defeat of the Cultist forces. Upon landing, the poorly equipped forces in their clumsy rovers were quickly defeated or captured by the swift Nguyonhi ground dwellers in their new suits. Above the sky, the asteroid-dwelling Ngyonhi used their numerous lasers to slice the invading fleet to pieces.

Perhaps most notable, the incident lead to the establishment of the powerful King Traih League with Nguyonh as its first capital. The league became an important political entity in its own right, even at times contending with the Imperium for the rights of its members.


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