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Benita Perez

Full Name: Benita Antonia Beatriz Perez

Last Prime Minister of the short-lived Terran Republic. Known as a good-natured bureaucrat and minor scion of the Perez Family, chosen by various factions more because of her political inexperience than because of any particular adminstrative skills.

During her very brief tenure, Benita Perez attempted to reorganize the Terran Republic to be more representative. To reformers, her reorganization was too slow and didn’t reach far enough, while to the more conservative elements, her actions were perceived as an attack on the traditional political system.

Though lacking in skill, she did not lack in intelligence, and soon realized that there were forces working to destroy to the Terran Republic. Her confrontations with Alistair Cormwite were little known outside the higher echelons, but it is clear that towards the end, she recognized him as the chief mover of events to tear down the Republic, though she never could discover who his benefactors were. Cormwite, a far savvier operator than Perez, seems to have had the better of her in the end.

Upon the collapse of the Terran Republic, Benita Perez was arrested and spent nearly thirty years in prison, charged with various trumped-up treasonous acts (but was never brought to trial). She was eventually freed, and during a brief period of liberal politics in the Imperium, lead the overly idealistic Committee of Ten Thousand Flowers. She was assassinated soon after, though it is unclear whether this was carried out by agents of the Imperium or some fellow member of the Committee of Ten Thousand Flowers.


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