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Oneric Devices

Fearsome weapons first developed by the Liu-No-Ri Masters, an offshoot of the Dinzwar Gefera. The essential principle was a psychic as well as physical attack, thus weakening a defender’s mind as well as their body. The Liu-No-Ri used them to terrifying efficiency, thus making them into legends whilst simultaneously resurrecting the older martial combat that had been abandoned so long ago in favor of monolithic machines of war.

The earliest examples of Oneric Devices were generally simple blades and maces. Embedded in them was a generator capable of emitting waves that interrupted the brain patterns of a victim. The results of these earliest devices was unpredictable, and sometimes were even known to produce a berzerker effect. As well, these weapons could have a lash-back effect, effecting the wielder as well as the target. The Liu-No-Ri overcame this with a number of meditation techniques.

Despite this, Oneric Devices gained a reputation as being the ultimate in melee combat weapons. It wasn’t very long before others had figured out what the Liu-No-Ri Masters had done and began duplicating them. Soon all the security firms had them, and despite the frequent protestations of the Imperial Congress, none cared to the devices up. In fact, the Oneric Devices were steadily improved, and new forms were made; like gloves that could cause severe damage to the brain if someone were simply tapped on the forehead, or suits that sufficiently scrambled brain patterns to cause confusion in an opponent.

A final attempt was made to ban Oneric Devices during the Premiereship of Hjans Kreb Lakol. Legislation was passed making the possession of such devices illegal. By this point, the Imperium’s ability to actually enforce such a law was almost impossible, and security firms continue to use such weapons to this very day.


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