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Quijrad Lkrada Wars

Origins of the Families

The Quijrad and Lkrada were two important families in the Imperium who came to prominance after the Tawmeriks had overthrown the Terran Republic. The Quijrad were an Anthorph clan that had made great fortunes in interstellar piracy, and were able to fend off most attempts to end their illicit business with large bribes. The Lkrada were a merchant family who claimed, via the complex (and highly questionable) geneaologies of R. B. Muzgersun’s Human Histories to be descended from pre-Decline potentates. In reality, they were likely pirates themselves, though with an eye for the developing Imperium aristocracy.

First Quijrad-Lkrada War

There is no evidence, despite the claims of both families, of belligerant acts prior to the First Quijrad-Lkrada War. What seems to have happened is that the Quijrad were driven out of their normal area of operations by the Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive, which was now actively undermining even potential challengers to the authority of the Tawmeriks. The Quijrad, being a pragmatic clan, simply found a new set of shipping lanes, which just happened to be staked out by the Lkrada family. One must remember this was before hyperspacial travel had been made as reliable as it would later be, and ships on longer trade routes had to make regular stops to prevent the Camrid Zorom Effect.

This first conflict between the two families was brutal. Sabotage, assassination and open combat all played a part, but neither family was able to destroy or dislodge the other. It was the shadowy figure, Charl Bovit, who seems to have been under orders from the Tawmeriks to end this private little war (there are rumors that Bovit may have been a close relation to the Lkrada family). Whether by force of personality, familial influence, diplomatic ability or threat of Imperium involvement, the warring factions shook hands and signed a peace treaty.

Second Quijrad-Lkrada War

This peace lasted just a few short decades before it again exploded, this time over a disputed mining operation. In the interim, the Lkrada had become somewhat respectable, while the Quijrad had become rich enough that they didn’t need to be. A new element, the political aspect of their feud, had entered the scene. Politicians were bribed, and even the Emperor seems to have looked the other way as these families slaughtered each other. The media was even used as both families spent enormous sums of money trying to win over the citizens of the Imperium. The Second War had no definitive end, but petered out over a few decades.

Third Quijrad-Lkrada War

It was several centuries before open conflict broke out between the two families, now both long-standing members of the Imperial Congress. The days of piracy were long gone, or at least of the simple, direct piracy of raiding the odd transport. There is little doubt that these two families were now probably the largest criminal syndicates in the Imperium. The third war was as brutal and ugly as the last two, but due to the size of the families and their holdings, promised to last much longer, and in more venues.

From battles between their unofficial navies, to bloody street battles on dozens of systems, the Quijrad and Lkrada had finally decided to settle scores old and new, and the object seemed to be the Soro Meldur Kafrah Bank, which held the deeds to dozens of resource-exploitable systems, not to mention huges sums of money in loans to various other families and corporations. The Lkrada had made an enormous bid to buy it, and the Quijrad were determined not only to spoil the bid but to seize it for themselves.

It was Ivan Dabrian who finally brought an end to this series of destructive conflicts. He ordered the Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive to eliminate these two families at all costs. BID, with typical efficiency and secrecy did just that, bringing its own reign of terror. The Lkrada were quick to see that their long-term survival was in question, and abandoned both their bid and any offensive attacks on the Quijrad, and instead offered its services to BID. The Quijrad believed they could outgun BID, and almost did, before they were defeated in a series of very messy battles.


While the Lkrada clan was permitted to retain its holdings, it was banned from holding a seat on the Imperial Congress. The Quijrad, with most of its members and satellite families wiped out, was officially dissolved. The family did recover, and later distinguished itself by battling various armed racist factions during the Hundred Bloody Days and offering funding to the Popelof Project. It also made Ivan Dabrian’s reputation as a ruler who sought to uphold the laws of the Imperium, even against the wealthier families who often believed themselves immune.


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  1. Charl Bovit
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