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Raptor Combat Suit


Popular combat EVA suit, employed by security firms, mercenaries and even by merchants who do business in dangerous systems.


The Raptor Combat Suit is a lightweight, highly maneuverable (for combat EVA equipment) suit. A stock suit comes with an eight hour oxygen supply, though some have been adapted to use the Guiermod E Va Suit oxygen production and reclamation system.

Most importantly in a combat suit, however, is it outer skin, which can change color to reflect various kinds of laser weapons. The tough skin also has automatic puncture fixing technology to stop lethal loss of pressure.

The Raptor combat suit has a sophisticated communications system with full encryption for secured communications, as well as some pretty sophisticated sensory equipment.

The suit does not have some of the features of other EVA suits. It has only limited space to store food, and recycling is limited to water reclamation. The primary function of the suit is short-period combat excursions.


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