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Tholoman Kresel Muthron

Kresel Muthron was named Tholomon of the Sabanian Province shortly after the selection of Hjans Kreb Lakol as the Second Premier of the Imperial Interregnum. This recognition was in response to his innovative use of refurbished Cathian Navy vessels to create an effective naval brigade that quelled the piracy and smuggling which had become so rampant in that province. As a secondary effect, they also quelled the near-regular violent outbursts of tension among systems in the province. In a strange way, he avoided the Test of Self-Governance by enforcing a lack of it.

Enforcing a peace over the province, he maintained its quiet surface while violence brewed just beneath the surface for many years. Only as the Hundred Bloody Days unleashed the violence did his grip on the balance of power slip. Muthron was furious with Femaron Felard and the Imperium in general. As the situation deteriorated in the province, he gained more and more supporters. Radical leaders of all stripes began to lose credibility, and the Tholomon’s neutral but universal tyranny became regarded as a necessary injustice.

As patriots from the Genetically Enhanced Peoples began to resist the Imperium militarily, Muthron made an appeal for unity across the Province. The appeal also included resistance of the Imperium and acknowledgement of the Tholomon as sovereign in the Province.

The effectiveness of the appeal is somewhat unclear. A resistance called the Sabanian Revolution erupted, but sources differ as to its composition, goals, and even actions. Whatever the case, it did successfully repel the Imperial forces in their systems. Tholomon Kresel Muthron was named sovereign of the Sabanian Empire shortly thereafter.

Shortly after that, the Senot declared him to be a fugitive and traitor to the empire. Sabania was also declared a renegade province. However, the Imperium’s lack of ability to enforce or respond to these declarations has caused it a lot of credibility, only contributing to the current climate of decline. The Tholomon openly rules the new Empire. However, his health is apparently failing and his empire is unstable at best.


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