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Hyperspace Vortices

During the FirstExpanse era. Humans developed the ability to leave normal spacetime and enter Hyperspace. Unfortunately, misunderstanding in the nature of hyperspace lead to the formation of Hyperspace Vortices.

Ships passing through hyperspace would “swirl” the space around them. At first, this wasn’t a problem, but as more and more ships passed the same optimum travel routes, the vortices grew more powerful. Of course, no one knew why.

Ships began “hypering in” well off their intended targets. Which was a great inconvenience, but not terribly deadly in the emptiness of space.

~JohnUghrin - 08 Mar 2004

By the end of the FirstDecline a few colonies had finally discovered means of minimizing hyperspace vortices, and this lead to the formation of the ImperialDominion.

~AaronClausen - 04 Dec 2004

Over time, technological improvements and better computer calculations reduce the impact of hyperspace vortices. This is a sort of human competition with nature. Human uses the environment, upsetting the environment. The environment becomes trecherous for humans to use, so they improve the technology. A never ending cycle.