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Macropedia Terradoma

The Macropedia Terradoma series is the premier compendia of human knowledge. Throughout its centuries of history, Macropedia Terradoma was regarded as Terradoma’s most trusted sources of scholarly information on virtually every topic imaginable. Its accuracy is so well-regarded that if other sources disagree with an article here, that source is largely discredited. The articles detailed here are a tiny sub-set of that gargantuan work, selected by some of the top scholars of the day. If you’re a frequent visitor, you may just want to look at the Macropedia/recent changes.


Macropedia Terradoma parallels humanity. It survived centuries of decline, ravages of aliens, and the cruelty of evil governments. The following is a list of the various editions of Macropedia Terradoma throughout its history, with links to selected articles. Those selected were chosen around key events during that edition’s period and chosen to highlight the finest scholarship of the era.

(Macropedia.)Original Edition

This edition has not yet begun. We are discussing initiating this edition in the near future.

(Macropedia.)Imperium Edition

This edition began in January, 2005 and we wrapped up our last entry in October, 2005. This was a rather ambitious endeavor as we created what ~Ben Wilson describes as a long game. We covered the gambit from the reunion of many previously “lost” human worlds through the founding of a Republic and its replacement of the Imperium. This is essentially the Rise and Fall of the Terradoma Imperium. Just like that scholarly work, ours is rather lengthy. Along with the original Imperium Edition, a seperate [Imperium Equipment](/macropedia/imperium-equipment) edition was begun in Winter 2006.

Unification Edition

Not yet discussed.

Hegemony Edition

Not yet discussed.

Federation Edition

Not yet discussed.


Back to reality. Macropedia Terradoma was inspired by the Lexicon Game. It is essentially a fictional wikipedia where contributers do so as fictional scholars. These scholars are very opinionated, egocentric, eccentric, and without fear of peer review. Essentially just like today’s Wikipedia. Contribution to this Lexicon follows a set of Ground Rules. *Macropedia Terradoma**s original purpose was to help flesh out the world-building efforts of E-Space’s key contributers, but is open to anyone who would like to be involved. Just join the E-space discussion group and ask to join the Lexicon.