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Akrath Multi-Sensor Array


The Akrath Multi-sensor Array’ is a suite of vehicle mounted sensors capable of scanning just about anything worth sensing. The array typically senses three different categories of materials: radiological, chemical and biological. This is actually a all-in-one backpack-sized sensor comprised of components available just about anywhere. What makes this array so valuable is the combination of the three sensors and smart designing that makes these three sensors small and light enough to be portable. The onboard VITX-Class Computer make this sensor suite easy to use, and can be Ether-enabled.


The radiological sensor package detects radioactivity. It also detects energy and power sources. The higher end sensors can detect a weapon-sized battery (D size) at short range, although the accuracy of the detection is fair at best.


The chemical sensor is useful for survival detection (i.e. whether the atmosphere is breathable), as well as the presence of various toxins. This sensor can also detect various minerals and metals. Forensic investigators typically use this sort of sensor to detect chemical signatures of various explosives.


This sensor are really just hyper-specific chemical sensor, focusing on the ability to detect organic compounds as well as millions of different DNA signatures. This is most helpful when a biological weapon has been released. Although, by Imperial limitation, the civilian Akrath Multi-sensor Array lacks the ability to detect specific individuals. However, these scanners can identify organisms up to 20 meters away.


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