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Anotek Isotope Filtration

Anotek Isotope Filtration

One of the handiest things you can possibly ensure is in your gear. If your traveling, or expecting trouble, get yourself fitted with one of these babies right away.

What it was supposed to do.

Basically, this gadget was invented to help engineers and rescuers survive exposure to intense radiation. Before implantation, they look like a little cylinder woven from wire. But that’s Fteigar wire, that’s supposed to suck the toxins and radioactive contaminants out of your blood.

Versions come in different sizes and capacities, and can be fitted with special nozzles and spigots to excrete the toxins out ports that the surgeon attaches. Most folks get them plumbed into their Urinary tract.

You do need to get these little things implanted by a qualified medical technician. They have to be “tuned” to your cellular structure/isotope profile. Getting one that’s out of tune would be a short death sentence as it would shred your cells, I understand.

The Amazing Side Effect

As an unintended but welcome side-effect, the Isotopic Filters will pretty much protect you completely from exposure to a good deal of environmental toxins and hazards. Granted, they have a limited capacity for absorption, but they can give you the few seconds you need to get the helmet on your Kehn Munh Light Battle Suit or return fire on the guy waving his + at you.


As mentioned, they have a limited capacity. Some toxins or whatnot are just to heavy to move, so the filter eventually gets clogged with ‘em. There’s a lot of different types of filter and different ones respond better to different toxins this way.

{+Price+} Anotek has kept a tight lid on the secrets of making these filters. I wouldn’t want to trust a cheap knockoff, either.


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