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Chovim Family

The Chovim Family was a Fully Integrated Corporation on [Souldogle Prime](/macropedia/souldogle-prime). They were, for a time, as politically powerful there as either the Perez or Tawmerik families. However, they combined with several other groups to form the Hegemonic Economic Trade Group and thereby eventually lost their identity as a seperate entity.

About the time of the Dio En Mashino discovery, the Chovim were involved in a subtle feud with the Perez family. The two families disagreed on several points about the proper relationship of a FIC with other citizens. This feud blossomed during the time of the Terran Republic as the Chovim sought further special corporate privileges over the common people. This strain was exacerbated by the burgeoning relatioship between the Perez Family and the Imudring. The feud is sometimes cited as a contributing factor to the instability of the Republic.

As the Chovim family became dominated by concern with the HETG, they began to lose both political identity and power (at least as distinguishable from the HETG, itself.) During the reign of Lendth Tawmerik, they disappeared entirely, losing their representation in both the House of Patricians and the Senot.


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