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Dabrian Dynasty

The Dabrians were a relatively young noble family that had made its fortune during the early Imperium period as a major backer of the Cel-Tainu Astrophysical Research Corporation. Under a series of clever patriarchs and matriarchs, the Dabrians slowly grew political power to match their financial strength. They gained both renown and notoriety for using marriage as a means to gain control of a number of lower, second-tier aristocratic families, as well as key marriages to members of the Tawmerik Dynasty.

By the time the Tawmerik Dynasty finally failed due to a series of weak rulers, the Dabrians had maneuvered themselves into position, and the young but brilliant Qanna Dabrian, who was married to a nephew of the last Tawmerik ruler, was declared Empress. Unfortunately for the Dabrians, later emperors did not prove as good at managing family and Imperial affairs, and it was largely the mismanagement of the Imperial coffers that lead to the Grand Reforms which saw a wane in the political power of the emperors for some generations to come.



  1. Cel-Tainu Astrophysical Research Corporation
  2. Grand Reforms
  3. Qanna Dabrian
  4. Tawmerik Dynasty
  1. Emil Dabrian
  2. Ivan Dabrian
  3. Grand Reforms
  4. Tawmerik Dynasty
  5. Qanna Dabrian
  6. Imperium Edition Index
  7. Jubal Iii
  8. Cel-Tainu Astrophysical Research Corporation
  9. Antius Trevus I
  10. Balanar Iii
  11. Qanna Dabrian Ii
  12. Serema Dabrian
  13. Qanna Dabrian I
  14. Jubal Iv
  15. Jubal Ii

Known Family Tree

From Tawmerik Dynasty   Qanna = Lubher
   |    Q(u)ivar
 %3c?> indicates an unspecified relationship    Balanar I
 %3c?>    Balanar II
 %3c?>    Quivar II
  |----------------------|    Jubal I                  [?] indicates an unspecified, but implied person
  |                      |    Ivan Dabrian        Qanna II (Nilana)
                       Emil                  [?_Korra] = [?]  
                         |                             |
                   Antius Trevus I (Grand Reforms)    [?]
                         |--------------|              | 
                     Jubal II=Anrika    ?          [Anrika Korra-Dabrian]
                    Antius Trevus II
          {Ivan}         Balanar III
         Jubal III
         Jubal IV (Interregnum Starts)
           ?[son]           {rumored daughter}