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Durin Bonish

Durin Bonish is widely held as the most powerful of all the Premieres that ever served in the Latter Days of the Empire. He is most noted for holding sole power for 12 years during the Imperial Interregnum. Having passed the Creator’s Test with the passing of Emperor Jubal IV, he then used his position to greatly reduce the personal power available to the Imperial House (should it ever be filled again). He abandoned Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive as the primary channel of Imperial Intelligence. He reduced the Cathian Navy to strictly an interstellar police force. The most controversial initiatives were his broad reforms in the structure and nature of the system governments and their relation to the Imperial Government.


  1. Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive
  2. Cathian Navy
  3. Imperial Interregnum
  4. Emperor Jubal IV
  1. Imperial Interregnum
  2. Imperium Edition Index
  3. Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive
  4. Cathian Navy
  5. Emperor Jubal Iv