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Emil Dabrian

Scholars list Emil Dabrian among the “Petty Dabrians,” which singles out members of that Dynasty whose contributions to the Imperium were trivial or cruel. There is some debate whether Emil was the one for whom the list was created as he typified the cruel branch of this category.

Among the “Grand Reforms” is his imperial mandate of the Enhanced Autonomous Research Laboratory. This is because scholars have proven historically unwilling to admit to some of the cruelty of this laboratory. The Laboratory’s primary mission was to develop intelligent unmanned space exploration vessels. However, in an effort to surmount some inherent design flaws in “true” artificial intelligence, scientists transplanted human brains into machinery. Fortunately, this experiment met with abject failure and research was abandoned.

Another example of Emil’s cruelty was the special social experiments. Under his instructions, the Laboratory exposed humans to experiments where experience had already demonstrated the results. Classic examples of this include the study on “Semi-Rapid Decompression of Space Stations,” “The Psychological Effects of Prolonged Exposure to Cosmic Radiation,” and “Phychotrauma of Mass Breeding Farms.” The last was the most tragic: where mothers were encouraged to put their children into government child care facilities for years at a time, where each worker was responsible for over 100 children. This resulted in tens of thousands of psychotic children to be raised and then unleashed on Imperium to cause mayhem. There were other, more horrifying experiments conducted.

Sikoscientists tend to stay with these two categories as examples of his cruelty. However, Emil also revealed his own psychotic nature in how he managed the court and his family. His purge of the court is well known, but what few have discussed was how he ensured his legacy would continue. He had two sons and a daughter. Antius Tevus I had to compete against his siblings to secure his reign. Emil told the three that he would not pick the successor–that the only one remaining would succeed him. this lead to a series of intrigues that led to the daughter and her children being “accidently” included in a similar experiment to the long-term exposure to Cosmic Radiation test conducted by the Laboratory. The brother inadvertantly became a drug addict who died when his compasionate brother forced him to quit cold turkey.

Such is the progenitor of the line of cruel Dabrians. God save the Empiror.


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