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Femaron Felard

Also known as the Bloody Pretender.

Femaron Felard was born to a family of [Normalized Anthorph](/macropedia/normalized-anthorph)s, and from early childhood was raised with a deep hatred of Anthorphs. In the years after the death of Emperor Jubal IV and the ascension of Durin Bonish as the first Premiere during the Imperial Interregnum, Femaron’s family had attempted a number of unsuccessful uprisings against the Imperium, and were finally forced to flee beyond the Imperium.

Femaron returned to the Imperium under the guise of a wealthy merchant and ingratiated himself with the last, weaker Premiers that succeeded Durin Bonish. He also took under his wing the remnants of the Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive, and brilliantly played all sides against each other, until he finally felt the time right and seized power. He briefly reigned as a Premiere, mouthing the vows to leave the throne to the Imperial House, all the while preparing for his ultimate goal.

In a bold move, using a cadre of informers, spies and assassins, he murdered hundreds (some say even thousands) of members of noble families and high ranking merchants, and declared himself Emperor through a fictitous genealogy linking him to the Tawmerik Dynasty. His hatred of Anthorphs was made clear as he set about on a series of horrifying purges known as the Hundred Bloody Days, murdering Anthorph leaders, jailing sympathizers and placing hundreds of thousands on a number of prison worlds.

His reign of terror became so horrible that finally even those among his associates who shared his anti-Anthorph bigotry could no longer stand by and watch. On the eve of Famaron signing an Imperial Proclamation ordering the execution of all Anthorphs in Imperium space, his own guard assassinated him.

The death of the Bloody Pretender Femaron Felard is generally marked as the final collapse of the Imperium.


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