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Frontier Rebellion

The Frontier Rebellion was the watershed moment for the Imperium. Throughout the early Imperium, the still-independent Terran systems were an able rival to dominance over all Terran space. The rebellion of a minor Imperial system sparked a general war and resulted in total victory for the Imperium.

Within the Fau star system, a binary system, there were two settlment groups. The imperial settlements orbited the secondary star, Fau Kerkan. This system was known for its three small but very habitable planets. However, the system had a lack of key industrial materials and relied on its neighbor system. One major planet orbited Fau Twid, the primary star of the binary system. Except for the lack of hospitability of its environment, the one planet here might well become a major Terran world.

Throughout their history, Fau Twid and Fau Kerkan worked together in a loose trade group. However, early on, Fau Kerkan systems voted to dissolve the Republic and submit to the Empire. Fau Twid chose independance. Throughout the early Imperium, these two systems remained close, but on other sides of the border. They remained close culturally and economically. Eventually, the pressure of taxation and other Imperial mandates pursuaded an active group of Kerkonians to lobby for cessession. This movement remained quiet but active for over a generation. These Kerkonians knew they were committing treason, so they chose to form a secret socity: Congress of Free-Thinking Kerkonians. Eventually, many of these “congressmen” reached key positions within local government and media. Through intense research into the Congress, this Scholar exposed its infiltration by the Alaerian Cult. Indeed, the Alaerian Cult had significantly infiltrated many non-Imperium system governments.

Over a course of several years, the congressmen destablized Imperial offices and induced a general malaise in Imperial services for the settlements. The people railed against the Imperial government and began to openly agitate for independance. The congressmen stoked the fires of independance until it blazed. The people overthrew the Imperial government in the Fau Kerkan system and elevated their local government, led by the congressmen, into an independant government. The government then lobbied the people to allow the two systems to join into a tight military alliance to stave off any imperial response. The people instead agreed on a unified government.

Emissaries from the new Fau Government went out to many of the still-independant systems to build similiar defense agreements. Historians refer to the systems joining this anti-imperial alliance the Unionized Systems. This is because, after the fall of the Terran Republic, these systems had previously been fiercly independent. These unionizing efforts were almost completed to the Empire’s complete ignorance and detriment. However, one ship miscalculated its jump and hopped into an Imperial Core Worlds (name to be changed when these worlds are defined) system. The ship’s drive failed and it was captured by Imperial forces. Under torture the crew revealed their mission. The Empire estimated that the Unionized forces were nearly as powerful as its own. The war had informally begun.

Imperial forces quickly overtook several strategic systems known to have weak defenses. The Imperial forces quarantined these systems such that any unauthorized vessel attempting to enter were quickly destroyed. The systems’ Brane computers were captured and locked-down so that only restricted vessels could access the records–effectively preventing any ships from leaving. This strategy continued until direct confrontation between Unionized forces and the Imperium was imminent.

The first battle was were it all began: Fau Kerkan. The bulk of the imperial forces hopped into the system, and quickly neutralized all space traffic, but allowing one cargo vessel, the Eskarotii, to escape. Due to the Kerkonian economy’s reliance on Twid, this action created an effective seige of Fau Kerkan. Within a few months, the entire Unionized space force hopped into Kerkonian space and began a series of skirmishes with the Imperial fleet. What appeared to the Unionized forces as a major engagement was the Imperium’s delaying action. The remaining Imperial ships were divided into six spoiler squadrons, each hopping into a major Unionized system. Without any military protection, these systems immediately capitulated. The back of the Unionized alliance was effectively broken.

However, the fight continued in Fau Kerkan. The Unionized forces were unaware of their strategic loss, and appeared to be having great tactical success. However, one of the spoiler squadrons was retasked to join the Imperial forces in Fau Kerkan. This squadron was commanded by (name) of the Dabrian Dynasty. He initiated several battles, each with outstanding tactical success. This allowed more of the Imperial forces to cooperate against smaller Unionized groups. After almost a year of sporatic fighting, the Battle of Fau Kerkan ended in a major victory for the Imperium. What Unionized forces survived retreated to their home systems, many to find a spoiler squadron waiting to finish the fight. Exhausted, all of those retreating vessels were destroyed or surrendered.

Thus, the remaining independant Terran systems were added to the Imperial flock. This watershed moment for the Imperium solidified Imperial power over all known Terran worlds and established the Paco Imperia Tera, a period of relative peace and prosperity that is also known as the High Imperium. More importantly, it fully established the Dabrian’s in imperial politics and garnered military support and admiration. (name) Dabrian was able to translate his accomplishments in a peaceful bid for power when the previous dynasty failed.


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