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Genetically Enhanced Peoples

Generally, the term “Genetically Enhanced Peoples” refers specifically to Anthorphs and other closely related peoples in populated space. The Anthorphs are a genetically diverse people that are bound by some similiarities in culture, custom and faith.

There have been other populations of genetically enhanced peoples that are generally not classified as being Anthorphs. Many of these are descendants of pre-Anthorph experiments, particularly during the First Expanse. There are records of many such experiments from this earliest period of space travel. So-called Belters that lived in the rocky asteroid belt of the Terran system were said to have had alterations done to make living for extended periods in zero-g environments easier. The descendants of these Belters still live today, most not having stood on a planetary surface in millennia.

There are rumors that the Imudring also experimented upon themselves. The secretive Imudring will refuse to answer such questions, though it is at least a possible explanation as to why incidents of interbreeding between Imudring and other human types is almost unheard of.


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