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Gravito Magnetic Sensor Sheaths

Import innovation in hyperspace travel, initially theorized by the famed physicist Weng Zhu Li, and then later constructed by his team of engineers and researchers.

The sheaths permit the accurate statistical monitoring of magnetic monopoles and the influence of gravitational waves in the core of a hyperspace drive, thus allowing for more accurate and efficient use of reactor power. This reduces the risks of such travel and also can increase the effective speed with which a vessel can traverse the Soup. As well, such sensor sheaths greatly reduced hop space pollution by minimizing the effect of gravitational interference from vessels.

Gravito magnetic sensor sheaths were the first major improvement in interstellar technology since the First Expanse. The later generations of vessels that used this device were much faster and safer, and permitted the Imperium to grow at a much more rapid rate, and to keep hop routes stable and open.


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