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Imperium Edition Has Been Published

[%3c%3c](/macropedia3c-3c) The *Macropedia Terradoma* series is *the* premier compendia of human knowledge. Throughout its centuries of history, *Macropedia Terradoma* was regarded as Terradoma's most trusted sources of scholarly information on virtually every topic imaginable. Its accuracy is so well-regarded that if other sources disagree with an article here, that source is largely discredited. The articles detailed here are a tiny sub-set of that gargantuan work, selected by some of the top scholars of the day. This is a Science-Fiction Shared Universe resource. *Macropedia Terradoma, Imperium Edition* began before the end of the Imperium. The Last Emperor hoped the scholars he chose would document the many successes of the Imperium and solidify both his and the dynasty's legacy. However, he passed heirless, and the "death spiral" to the Second Decline began. The scholars chose to write as Scholars and not necessarily as puppets of the last dynasty of the Imperium. This is a shared universe for authors and gamers alike who are looking for a rich milieu. The work was created as a mock Wikipedia (a.k.a. a Lexicon RPG game). There are plans to initiate another Macropedia in the future. If you're interested, stay tuned.
http://espacesociety.org/pub/images/MT_perspective-thumb.gif After several years of festering on this site, the first edition of the Macropedia Terradoma---[Imperium Edition](/macropedia/imperium-edition) has been released. [Buy your copy today](http://amzn.to/[Macropedia Terradoma Imperium](/macropedia/macropedia-terradoma-imperium)) for only $11.88!