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Jubal I I


Eldest child of Antius Trevus I, whose reign was typified by further erosion of the Imperial office.

Early Years

Prince Jubal’s schooling was excellent by Imperial standards, but records indicate him to be an average, and somewhat lazy student. When he reached twenty Standard years of age, he married his first cousin, Anrika Korra-Dabrian, and their first child would become Antius Trevus II.

When his father signed the Grand Reforms, which greatly limited the powers of the Emperor, Prince Jubal did little to hide his contempt for the Imperial Congress or his father. While no academic, he had many close friends, particularly Nevian Schmizt and his family (the Prince is rumored to have kept Schmizt’s granddaughter Koisa as a mistress for many years).

The Reign

Upon succeeding the throne, Jubal found that the Grand Reforms had tied his hands even more than he had expected. He tried his best to stand up to the Congress, and they in turn did their best to tamper with his plans. After a number of public comments deriding leaders in the Imperial Congress of poor conduct, Jubal found his personal household budget slashed and half his courtiers and servants dismissed.

Rumors that the Imperial Congress was planning on naming the Empress Anrika’s younger brother, Balanar Korra-Dabrian as the official heir, and bypassing young Prince Antius Trevus entirely began to circulate. The legality of such a move would have, at the very best, been questionable, but finally even Jubal was forced to realize that the Imperial Congress now held not only his purse strings, but much of the political clout.

The Abdication

For a few years, Jubal II lived in an uneasy peace with the Imperial Congress. Though not a remarkable man, he was a man of principles, and in the end he found that he could no longer act as a sovereign while possessing now real power of his own. When Prince Antius Trevus reached 21 standard years, the Emperor entered secret negotiations with the Imperial Congress, and after they guaranteed him a pension and an income for his illegitimate heirs (four children by Nevian Schmizt’s granddaughter, Koisa), he abdicated the throne and gave up all claims to property and privilege, in effect becoming a private citizen, the only Emperor to ever do so.

The Private Citizen

Jubal II’s later years are poorly documented. He divorced the Empress, married Koisa Schmizt and did his best to use his large pension to set up a business. By all accounts, he was a dismal failure. Upon the death of Koisa he turned over his properties to his and Koisa’s children and simply disappeared.

Some rumors say he committed suicide, others claim he became a Tao Sunni priest, while a few claim that he took up farming on a colonial world. In any case, years later the Imperial Congress had a tomb erected, though the whereabouts of the body that was supposed to lie here has never been determined.


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