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Kabal Nebrotensia

In a time of desperation, the Emperor Falther Tawmerik formed a group of Tawmerik-loyal zealots into a quasi-legal killing force to restore wealth and power to the Imperial Throne. Somewhere between privateers and assassins, the Kabal was a feared force that helped push the Imperium to one of its bloodiest “secret wars,” the Endyphad Konjrez. During the reign of Temba II open fighting between Imperial citizens and groups became almost unheard of. The Kabal ended that time of relative peace with a murderous campaign of thievery, extortion, and kidnapping.

While not single-handedly responsible for the times of subtle terror that followed the Endyphad Konjrez, the behavior of the Kabal was definitely the primary contributing factor to the development of the “Security Firm” era, which figured so prominently in the High Imperium. Perhaps more tragically, the operation was of limited value to the Tawmerik family. Despite all the manuvering and carnage, the Tawmerik’s only managed to hang on for one more generation to power.

It has been speculated by many, that the incidents leading up to Qanna Dabrian’s wedding to Lubher Tawmerik were plotted and planned as the last vengeful strike of the other families agains the Tawmeriks. There is little evidence to support this claim, but the incident received perhaps suspiciously little investigation at the time.

While the Kabal Nebrotensia was officially abandoned at the end of the Endyphad Konjrez, its members remained in contact as a sort of secret society. They faded from the public record, but it is not hard to trace clear connections to the Neo Tawmeriks. Whether the group or its descendent influences are still functioning is currently not widely known.


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