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Kuberian Movement

Following the destruction of the Alaerian Cult, galactic culture entered a distinct anti-religious phase. While this period had some merits, including the dispersion and adoption of advanced technologies across most human worlds, and the exclusion of dogmatists from most public affairs, it also alienated much of the populace from the government.

However, by the end of the Tawmerik Dynasty, things were ripe for change. Hans Richter Kuber was the philosopher-patrician who changed the tide. While he was not terribly politically active himself, his writiings spawned other writers and spurred-on activists and religious leaders. The Kuberian movement was distinguished by an adherences and reverence to a vague concept of “spirituality”. As the movement gained popularity and influence, this lead to a general decline in technical advance as expenditures swung toward maintaining and growing the “spiritual health” of the populace. The Gahanian Seers rode this tide all the way into the Imperial throne room.

Of course the benign nature of the movement did not last. Legitimate beliefs are being overwhelmed in tides of vile cults. Even now, seperatists, purist, dogmatists and other factions are splintering the empire. Muridian Avengers threaten many cities with their bombs and terrorist acts, and the Perkentov Covenent splinters communities with its hard-line dogmatic demands and regulations. I hope that our community passes this Test without undue bloodshed, but I fear the worst for our future.


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