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Novya Siberia Belshane War

The Novya Siberian-Belshani War was a rather minor war with significant results. Novya Siberia was a staunchly independent system that had not kept up with the same technological advances as some of the other systems. In a similar situation was the [Star Systems](/macropedia/star-systems)/Belshane. Both were technologically inferior to many of the other systems, but roughly equal in power.

Quite clearly, the Belshane wanted to extend their power base. With the Terran Republic forming, the chance to do so was beginning to dwindle. They sent several warships to the Novya Siberia System and demanded surrender. Veltrane Fres Volon led the Novya-Siberians at the time, and has been called one of the most dynamic and hard-headed leaders in their history. Even without a significant battle fleet of his own, he responded to the threat with a surprise attack that met with outstanding results.

Over the next few years, each side launched attacks against the other, slowly destroying their economies. With one exception, the Battle of Belshani-Yassa, the Belshani lost every significant military engagement. Consequently, most of their efforts focused on attacking intra-system travel within Novya Siberia. The Siberians in-turn adopted convey tactics to thwart the commerce raiders.

Eventually, the two sides had pummelled one another to near ruin. The two sides entered into a cease fire. Veltrane Fres Volon, who denigrated the Terran Republic then turned to that Republic for security. The Belshane Clans refused to enter the Republic as a result. However, Republican enthusiasts within the common ranks protested and staged strikes until the Clans relented. As if to underscore the shame of the union, the Republic formally admitted [Star Systems](/macropedia/star-systems)/Belshane exactly five years after admitting Novya Siberia.


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