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Pan Terran Defense Treaty Council

The Pan-Terran Defense Treaty Counsel was not entirely formed because of xenophobia. There had always been a strong interest among some to unify the worlds and provide a more stable economy. Other scholars have discussed the origins of the Council, so there is little need to delve into this further.

Corporations and families became powerful in the years following the re-instatement of effective hop transport. However, there was significant chaos that blunted the rapier of economic growth. When the Massacre was known, these various groups resorted to virtually any means necessary to provide a more stable government and additionally embed themselves within that government.

The Council, however, suffered from a key lack of authority over anything other than pure defense. Within that context, the Council was able to establish a few small fleets of war ships that were dispatched to the more dangerous systems. A system of taxation was created that allowed some shore batteries to be created that could, hopefully, repel any attack. Although, hindsight showed us the flaw of shore batteries–too easily destroyed by inbound ships. Maneouverability is essential.

Outside forces encouraged the creation of the Terran Republic, so the Council itself did little more than form a rough framework from which that Republic grew. The use of a unicameral legislature, the use of committees and use of special masters all came from the Council.

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