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Qin Lop Shu

‘The Skeptic’s Path’ or ‘The Way of Doubting’

Qin Lop Shu is the philosophy followed by most scholars in the Latter Imperium, and it is as well the most prominent philosophy practiced among the descendants of the Genetically Enhanced Peoples. While many ascribe Qin Lop Shu the title of religion, it lacks many features of religions and has some that are not found often, if at all, in religion.

While the subtleties of living with this philosophy are hard to express in such a small article, the fundamentals of the philosophy are easy enough to describe.

Basically, the Creator (if he exists) presents the world to you as a Test. Followers often refer to themselves (and other rational sentients) as ‘the Tested.’ Within the grand Test of the universe there are smaller Tests to be completed or understood. Philoshopers and scholars have identified some of them and many are talked of with understood titles:

Historically, Qin Lop Shu evolved as part of the Lemardian Movement in response to growing threats and the instability of the irrational religious movements of the time. While some form of its basic tenets and premises had been bandied about for some time, the philosophy was truly crystallized during the Conference Of Religion And Science.


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