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Sabanian Empire

The Sabanian Empire is a new fledgeling splinter of the grand Imperium, its future and stability are somewhat uncertain at this point. The roots of the SE lie in the history of the Imperial Interregnum. When Qadan Rom took the Oradian Shipping Conglomerate back under the Imperial seal, the systems that would later form the SE were greatly hurt for various reasons. At first, their protests were civil, but under the brutal enforcement of Femaron Felard, they turned to violence.

The SE is composed of 12 worlds of varied ethnicity and composition. The Sabanian Revolution, as it is called, saw cooperation of several normally opposed groups soldiers from genetically enhanced races fought beside Kuberian cultists. They both fought beside coporate and aristicratic mercenaries.

Of course, this diversity is now the source of the SE’s instability. Without the unifying villainy of Felard, they have little in common to forge cooperation.


  1. Femaron Felard
  2. Oradian Shipping Conglomerate
  3. Qadan Rom
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  4. Femaron Felard
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