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Tawmerik Dynasty

Tawmerik Emperors:

The Tawmerik family entered the Galactic scene as a powerful FIC on the Fasantauri System. Sometime rivals of the Perez Family and Terran Patriots. The Tawmeriks are responsible for forming the Imperium from its inception. Among their achievements: the formation of the Imperial Congress, adopting the Hagurin Character Set, and establishing the Rights Of The Imperial Citizen.

In a sense, the dynasty can be seen as a victim of its own success. They desired to create and secure an empire to stabilize the wayward human worlds and bring economic benefits to themselves and others. To do so, they established a near autocracy, originally giving power almost exclusively to wealthy aristocratic families. Later on, as more distant populations experienced lifestyle advancements that came with economic stability, they demanded rights and self-determination that the Tawmerik style of rule could not tolerate.


  1. Fasantauri System
  2. Fully Integrated Corporation
  3. Reth Tawmerik I
  1. Fasantauri System
  2. Fully Integrated Corporation
  3. Rights Of The Imperial Citizen
  4. Qanna Dabrian
  5. Hagurin Character Set
  6. Imperium Edition Index
  7. Imperial Congress
  8. Perez Family
  9. Reth Tawmerik I
  10. Reth I
  11. Lenda
  12. Fic
  13. Kanth
  14. Temba Ii