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Telefreiber Warrior Ants


One of the more useful (and frighteningly) effective tools of military and security groups. Telefreiber Warrior Ants are automated combat units, capable through limited artificial intelligence of a wide degree of autonomous activity, as well as working within groups, including other Ether-enabled devices like Telefreiber Auto Scouts.

Types of Telefreiber Warrior Ants

The basic Telefreiber Warrior Ant design is a six-legged robot about three feet long by about a foot wide and standing about two feet off the ground, looking, without any weapons or sensory modules, rather like a narrow barrel on legs.

The Ant is designed to be modular, so that a wide variety of weapons, sensory and environmental equipment can be attached. Each module contains its own limited AI which integrates into the main “brain”, expanding its capabilities.

In this way Ants can be made to perform numerous tasks, from combat, scouting, espionage, support and even medical duties. Using the Ether they can work in concert, augmenting, and in some cases even replacing standard infrantry units.

Known Vulnerabilities

Other than the fact that they can be destroyed (though capable of taking far more punishment than a human), Ants suffer some of the similar problems that other A Is have. Though the so called artificial ego present in other A Is is limited, there can be certain almost emotional problems with integrating them with non-Ant automonous units. Frequently their memories have to be wiped after such integrated missions.

More interesting, though infrequently no less troublesome, is the attachment that Ants may have with their handlers. Human and Ant can have a considerable emotional bond which may cause troubles when either is destroyed or one Ants have to be transferred to a new handler.


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