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Witi Emplaser Incident

The Witi Emplaser incident is recorded in the archives of the Fasantauri System and within the confines of that system was an important watershed in the development of the organizations that would eventually help found the Terran Republic and the Imperium itself.

In the Fasantauri System, Witi is the small moon orbiting Glacia. Approximately 450 years BDEM, Witi held no colony, but did host a system of drive lasers for Imudring solar-sail vessels in the system. Additionally, since the sails were losing popularity, many of the lasers had been coopted into an attempt to create artificial wormholes. Glacia experienced something of a revolt. Records appear to have been purged after the revolt was suppressed. However, it does appear that the Glacians did not feel they were properly represented by the managers of the [Fully Integrated Corporation](/macropedia/fully-integrated-corporation)s.

In any case, the then Bafiktuy Executive Decisions Committee took matters into their own hands. They gathered their warships for an assault. Propaganda has made an exact determination of events impossible. However, it appears as if their fleet was resisted from Witi, and then somehow the installation on Witi exploded. The explosion scared the face of the satellite, and, most curiously, has left a hyperspatial navigation hazard. Evidence indicates that the satellite yielded startling amounts of radiation for generations afterwards.

Chief among the political results of this incident were changes in the Bafiktuy Executive Decisions Committee and the fall of the Regzit FIC, which would eventually subside to leave only its name to Krezil-Bafiktuanoj Alistair Cormwite d’Regzit.


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