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Yousamin Faction


Political faction in the Late Imperium, that eventually evolved into a rival anti-government after the collapse of central authority.


The Yousamin Faction first appeared during the reign of Jubal III, and took their name from the Epsilon Indi word yousa, meaning unblemished or pure. The Yousamin, while initially only a small group within the Imperial Congress, frequently decried what they viewed as the extravagance and hedonism of the Emperors. Largely ignored, as the Imperium began to slide further into decline, they suddenly became a popular voice.

Durin Bonish and the Imperial Interregnum

Great success came to the Yousamin when their chief spokesman and unofficial leader, Durin Bonish, became Premiere of the Sevyet’^1^’. With the death of the last Emperor, Durin Bonish moved quickly to seize power, leaving the Imperial office unoccupied and stacking the government and bureaucracy with fellow Yousamin and close associates.

This was the high period of the Yousamin Faction. They had achieved power, and set about putting their earlier demands into action. History will have the final judgement, but whatever their intent, the end result seemed to be to make the divisions that threatened the Imperium even larger.

Loss of Power and Rebirth

After the death of the second ruling Premiere, Hjans Kreb Lakol, the Yousamin Faction rapidly lost power. By the time of the Bloody Pretender’s achieving power, most of them were thrown out of the Imperial Congress, replaced with people “more genetically and philosophically appropriate”. Many were rounded up and imprisoned, and the remaining learned quickly to keep their heads down.

After the Hundred Bloody Days, the Yousamin again attempted to gain control of the Imperial Congress, but the remnants of the Imperium now blamed them and their policies, particularly during Durin Bonish’s term, for the disasters that followed. The Yousamin attempted to set up their own Imperial Congress on [Star Systems](/macropedia/star-systems)/Xelicar, proclaiming their legislative the true government of the Imperium.

Meeting with only marginal success, they also attempted to subvert the Popelof Project, a noble project by my close friend, Dr. Yoseamin Popelof, to recover some of the knowledge lost during the madness of the Hundred Bloody Days. I cannot atest to their success or failure, though I have seen a few books, clearly forgeries, that claim that the Yousamin were not a product of the late Imperium, but rather some ancient political faction dating back to the dawn of the Imperium.

It seems clear now that the Yousamin Faction will never form a new central government to the Imperium, but in that sad tradition that dates back to the Not-so-grand Reforms of the Premieres, is serving only to create divisions rather than bring unity.

’-‘^1^’ The lowest house of the tricameral Imperial Congress, which became the most powerful after the Grand Reforms.-‘

’-‘^2^* They were derisively labeled the Dull Robes by the aristocracy for their habit of wearing drab clothing, often earth-tones, and rarely if ever wearing jewelry.-‘


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