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Scouting in Astro Empires can be a challenge. To make live a little easier, this script (`AeScout) helps by saving the scout the need to fat-finger in a lot of data.

Installing the `GreaseMonkey Script

%25rfloat%25 Install this script

**This script only works in Firefox with the GreaseMonkey extension installed.** Fortunately for us, Firefox is free and available on most modern PCs. [GreaseMonkey](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748) is also free. So, install GreaseMonkey, and restart your browser. Then, install this script. As you view Systems and bases, this tool will compile basic data and feed it into our database.

Greasemonkey may also work on IE. Check http://www.gm4ie.com/help.html for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I installed the script, so how do I see that it’s working?

You won’t see that its working, because it is feeding the database. If you have access to the scout reporting tool, then you can see the results of scouting.

Q: I installed the script but cannot see the scout report, what gives?

The scouting tool does not give access to the collected information. The ability to access is controlled by the guild leadership and they protect that information. Contact them for how to have access to the scout report.

Q: Does this script work on IE?

It might, but you have to find out how to install Greasemonkey on IE. I believe you can google how.