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Cel-Tainu Astrophysical Research Corporation

The Cel-Tainu Astrophysical Reasearch Corporation (CARC, or Celtainu) was formed by two Helsmunt Institute graduates. Phurnando Letalles and and Hugau-bmilanoj Stepivan Shersite d’Mibashura. Stepivan had worked on his post-doctorate in Branespace forcasting when he discovered an old, defunct, and non-operational astrogation computer and its storehouse. He recruited his wealthy roommate Phurnando to smuggle the computer out of the institute and to a remote part of the planet.

Stepivan earned his degree, while Phurnando had facilities built to restore the computer. They reverse engineered the system, and built a replacement computer Dio En Mashino using emerging technologies. When Dio En Mashino was activated, they quickly realized the original computer was one of the major astrogation computers from prior to the First Decline.

Dr. Letalles spent the remainder of his career validating the route formulae while Stepivan built CARC’s business out of restoring them. Their efforts helped enable the major colonies to re-establish trade and communication.

However, the Helsmunt Institute suied to recover the original computer. The Institute settled out of court when they were offered a ten percent ownership of CARC, which made them a comfortable but silent partner. Eventually, the Imperium nationalized the CARC and turned it into the Ministry for Transportation. This gave the imperium a virtual monopoly over intersteller routes.

The negotiator for the out-of-court settlement was none other than Benita Perez, who earned ten percent of the Institutes winnings. With this windfall, she sought to retire peacefully. However, she served as a catalyst for the formation of the new repubic. She eventually assumed she had a knack for politics and was astonished when she won her first seat and was soon after elected to prime minister.


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