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Fully Autonomous Data Acquisition Personalities

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Ether-based A Is developed to search, collect and collate information from various public networks. Due to security concerns and a general fears about A Is in general, strict laws on the capacity of F Ad Aps were passed.

General Features of F Ad Aps

F Ad Aps are actually marvels of programming. The best of them can transverse numerous types of networks, adapt themselves to various operating systems and architectures by ingenious means of self-adaption. While early F Ad Aps were usually strictly limited, abuse was natural, and on many occasions high-security and private networks were penetrated.

F Ad Aps don’t necessarily have to be the most intelligent A Is. In fact, a key trait of any successful “species” of F Ad Aps is a relatively small footprint, thus allowing for faster access to networks.

Some individual F Ad Aps are centuries old. One FADAP, sadly destroyed during the Hundred Bloody Days, was called Ernie Eleven, and claimed to have dated back to the First Expanse.

Security Concerns

During the reign of Quanna Dabrian II, a particularly self-adaptive species of F Ad Aps was developed by at Klister University. This species soon began evolve at a rapid rate, able to pierce everything from portable wrist-worn [Migar Comm](/macropedia/migar-comm) computers to interstellar vessels. It was never truly brought under control, and has propogated itself on the Ether ever since.

Finally, the Imperial Congress passed a series of laws banning highly-adaptive F Ad Aps, forcing programmers to put programmed signatures on all F Ad Aps and instituting an entire department to monitoring F Ad Aps. Naturally, this has not prevented abuse. Security companies, and even government-based agencies, regularly flaunt the rules.

Of greatest concern for security experts and ethicists are the very new technologies allowing for a whole new class of F Ad Aps, the Imprinted Personality.


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