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Hegemonic Economic Trade Group

The Hegimonic Economic Trage Group was formed during the early renewal of ties between once-isolated systems. It proved to be a major force in reforming Terran economics during the pre-Republican and Republican period. This trade group remained a potential force throughout the Imperium, but never reached a position of dominance.

While most of Terran society was separated during the Terran Decline, a few systems were able to escape total isolation. One group of these systems belonged to Souldogle Fic. As a Fully Integrated Corporation, Souldogle’s objective was to provide an autonomous, religious envionment for its employees. Throughout the Expanse, Souldogle competed with other companies to maintain its integrated control. When the Terran Decline began, Souldogle systems were among those few systems that escaped isolation–except for one.

Three former-Souldogle systems remained connected. Throughout the Decline, the need for Souldogle Fic. to remain in business dwindled as outside influences were effectively removed. The different systems effectively became independant, but remained loosely in communication throughout the decline. As Souldogle’s tendency was to keep trans-system trips to a minimum, the now-independant systems remained so. Scientists studied this relationship when they explored the causes of Hop Pollution.

When Dio En Mashino revealed the route to the capital system, Souldogle Prime, exposure to the outside world resumed. However, the legal structure to reform a fully integrated company was lacking. Instead, the three systems agreed to a loose trade organization. While this organization was intended to be a confederacy, the Chovim Family was able to guide trade companies on Souldogle Prime into profitability. Eventually, the group was renamed the Hegemonic Economic Trade Group.

Through the remainder of the pre-Imperium era, HETG grew to be a major economic force. It provided loans to the Terran government, allowing it to survive as long as it did. Once the Republic was replaced by the Imperium, the HETG was forced to endure the negative economic effects of the defaulted loans. Because of its prominance, HETG’s failure would have had a devistating effect on Terran society. As a consequence, the Imperial family entered into very lucrative (for HETG) agreements helping the Group avoid failure.

Toward the end of the Tawmerik Dynasty, HETG attempted to acquire the Muzigle System in what became known as the Muzigle Fiasco. Thereafter, the HETG remained a potential force, but lost economic dominance.


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