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Imperium Macropedia Timeline

The exact dates of some events are unknown due to the multiple calendar systems in use for much of the Imperium Era. Primarily, this is to help us illustrate things on the Macropedia.

First Decline

Before the first decline, the Souldogle Fic was formed. During the First Decline, that corporation’s star systems remained in communication. This lead to the forming of the Hegemonic Economic Trade Group.

The Imudring traders are trapped in various systems and are forced to scratch a bare existance. Many “tribes” disappear.


This is roughly the re-emergence of trade routes between various sectors, the end of this period is marked by the early decline of the Terran Republic. Also, during this time the Chovim Family rose.

Imudring traders become a significant source of trans-system trading, and remain so throughout the remainder of the Imperium.

Republican Era (ADEM 1 - ???)

Early Imperium (ADEM ??? - ???)

Tawmerik Dyansty

High Imperium (ADEM ??? - ???)

This period is also frequently referred to as the Paco Imperia Tera, or Terran Impirial Peace. This period, relative to the others, experienced a greater stability than the other Imperium periods. Not that this period lacked conflict, but that such conflicts were on a lower, easier-to-manage scale, as opposed to system-wide general war. During this period, the anthorph security firms, such as the Dinzwar Gefera, and non-anthroph firms like the Gesceamian Choent were established and grew considerably. Also during this period, the Tawmerik Dynasty collapsed and was replaced by the Dabrian Dynasty. Also during this time, the Hegemonic Economic Trade Group caused the Muzigle Fiasco.

Technologically, Fteigar Alloy altered the nature of conflict back to a more melee style as opposed to long-range missles. Additionally, Enhanced Autonomous Research Laboratory vessels were designed and constructed. They eventually were proven to be failures, helping to diminish the Imperium’s financial status, prestige, and eventually, stability.

Falther Tawmerik takes throne

Dabrian Dynasty

Latter Day Imperium (ADEM ??? - ???)

(Brief History of the Imperium)