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Prings In Seven Weeks? Unsinn!


Consider Patton’s adage: “No man-made defense is defensible.” Or Nathan Bedford Forrest’s maxium, “A good offense is the best defense.” Astro Empires has combat as its core. While a good offense is always wanted, being able to build strong defenses allows you to maintain a good offense. On five servers, I’ve built prings in scant weeks, roughly 50 days.

How do I do it? I start before the beginning. As with any endeavor, you cannot attain your outcome without goals. If you want prings quickly, you have to decide you want them well before the server starts. If you have other goals, then you need to establish them, too, and plan accordingly.

Did you not do well on Juno server? Juno why? Hah! Now is the right time to start thinking about the “K” server, whatever it will be called. You can spend your time on Juno planning what you’ll do on K.

My secret is that simple. There’s more to it, but there’s no point in my sharing it if you’re not interested. Leave a comment below, and I’ll start documenting how I can my first set of prings finished on my first base, then build most within the next week.

My math was off, it takes Seven weeks (six weeks is 42 days). But, I now have the [Planetary Ring Construction Guide](/astro-empires/planetary-ring-construction-guide) that documents my process