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Rank Proposal



There is a need for a new rank structure. The present structure focuses on economy, which leads to bases that are ill-prepared to defend themselves from a concerted attack. To determine an alternative rank structure, I looked to other servers for insight. On Alpha server, the highest econ player has 10900+ econ. The highest fleet player has 31 million. But, then I learned that there is already an adequate tool Levels

->A player’s empire is represented by all of that player’s bases and fleet and all bases occupied by that player. The three main ways of measuring and empire’s strength; the total economy of the empire, the total amount of fleet that the empire has, and the total technological development of the empire.

-> The latter two are measured in credits spent in each category. Finally, another indicator of an empire’s strength is the player’s level. This is calculated with the following formula: (Economy x 100 + fleet + technology) ^ .25.

Looking at Alpha, the highest level player is at level 71. As I said before, there are training guilds that use defenses for rank. Others use fleet size. I think we should move to level for rank.


I propose that we adopt a level-approach to ranks. This results from having received some feedback from the guild. The ranks are also non-military to reflect a preference to avoid the military rank structure. As this is a war game, military ranks may make sense. However, as this is also a game of empires, it sort of made sense to go by different civil sizes—such as towns and nations. There was one suggestion for medievel ranks (Duke, etc.), but I am trying to avoid them as there are different titles by gender (e.g. Duke and Duchess).

  class=structure cellspacing=0          
  !Level   !Rank      
  70+   Emperor   EMP  
  60   Monarch   MON  
  50   President   PRZ  
  40   Governor   GOV  
  30   Commissioner   COM  
  20   Mayor   MAY  
  10   Master   MTR  
  0   Citizen   CTZ