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Battle Calculations


Calculating Opponent’s Technology Level

To calculate your opponent’s technology, the obvious solution is to divide a unit’s Power by the standard power level for a unit of that type, subtract 1 and multiply by 20. This yields the tech level of that unit’s weapon. Armour is done the same way, although if there are fighters, there is an easier way (see below).

Armour. To determine your opponent’s armor level. Subtract two from his Fighter’s Armor level and multiply by ten. This is his Armor Tech rating. For example, an opponent has a Fighter Armor of 3.7. Subtracing 2 gives you 1.7. Multiplying by 10 gives you 17.

Laser. Again, subtract two and multiply by ten the Fighter’s Power. The example above with an opponent of 3.9 would have a Laser of 19.

Plasma. Divide the Cruiser’s power by 24 (or HC by 48), subtract 1 and multiply by 20.