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Version 3 Updates

  1. All new accounts start on the same position 3 Earthly - This means that the constant restarting to get a better astro is not required.
  2. All galaxies (00-39) will open at the same time so please be ready to start when the server opens.
  3. Fleet Maintenance is implemented but it is capped at 30%
  4. Guild size is limited to 50 players per guild.
  5. Research labs changed from 6->8 & Economy Centers from 3->4.
  6. Jump gates require more energy now changed from 8->12 per level.
  7. WHs have been removed, so we must rely on high gates to travel.
  8. Notable ship changes are as follows:
    • All ships got a speed boost (except scouts).
    • Titans are now the same speed as Dreadnought.
    • Both carrier and fleet carrier got a boost to capacity.
    • The FT 65% rule that prevents swarming is active always now.
  9. Occupied bases get an unrest stat which increases by 10% for every new day. When it reaches 100%, the player can manually revolt. Unrest lowers by 10% for every subsequent day base is free, and you can’t occ back a base until the unrest stat reaches 40% or lower.
  10. The positions of favourable astro’s have changed, instead of pos 1 or 2 - Favorites are 3 and 4. In general the majority got +1 boost to metal & crystal.
  11. All fleet detection time is higher, so now a new tech has been added to reduce it: Stealth. Do not underestimate his efficiency, as it increases the success of ninja attempts & shotgun invasions.
  12. The new meta has involved rushing prings early on to counter the increased ninja attempts & small invasions, hence moons and asteroids have taken favour over planets for the most part. Therefore, only capitals should consider planets, for everyone else the main choice should be asteroids and moons (for research bases).
  13. Crystal mines make Asteroids great because of the extra economy that can be gained from them - Metallic and Craters also have crystal mine (+2 eco) so don’t forget them when considering moons/planets.
  14. New meta for astros:
    • Aim for positions 3 and 4 which grants the highest fertility stat but any astro with fertility 5+ is fine. Aim for metal 4 but some metal 3 is okay.
    • Fertility 4 is doable but not recommended until you unlock Orbital Base/Bio mod.
    • Fertility 3 is a noob trap, never go for them.