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Universal Astro Profile


One difficult task in Astro Empires is capturing the details of a base and reporting those details in an easy to read format. To remedy this, a 10-character code was developed called the Universal Astro Profile (UAP). The idea for the profile derives from the role-playing game, Traveller, which solved the problem of universal description of characters, vehicles and places using a series of universal profiles.

The Code Explained

The basic format of the code is [@ 0APPB-0BBB0 @]. In this notation, ‘0’ is decimal, ‘A’ is a letter, ‘P’ is a specific code, and ‘B’ is Base 34.

Slot Which orbit the base is in.
A Type The astro type. See table below for mapping between astro type and code.
P Production The largest unit type it can produce, in two-letter code. See table below for mapping.
P Capacity
B Occupation Value Hourly revenue from occupation in tens of credits (dekacredits).
0 P-Rings Number of P-Rings on the base.
B Shields D-Shields [0-9] or P-Shields [A-J].
B Turrets Photon [0-9] or Disrupter [A-J] Turrets.
B Command Centers Number of Command Centers.
0 Jump Gates Number of jump gates.

Explanation of Base34 and codes is offered below. However, a translation of the code may help explain it until I figure out how to explain it myself. The following is an astro entry: [+[@5KHC4-1ABA3@]+] Based on this entry, we know the following:

  • (5) The slot is 20.
  • (K) The type is Rocky.
  • (HC) The base can produce Heavy Cruisers.
  • (4) The base generates 40 credits per hour during occupation.
  • (1) The base has one P-Ring.
  • (A) The base has one P-Shield. If it was a Deflection Shield, it woudl be 1 instead of A.
  • (B) The base has two D-Turrets. If it was Photon turrets, it would be 2 instead of B.
  • (A) The base has ten Command Centers
  • (3) The base has Jump-Gate 3.

From reviewing the attributes of the UAP, you may notice this helps quickly note value of the base and its inherent defenses.

Astro Type Codes

O Oceanic
C Craters R Radioactive
D Arid T Tundra
E Earthly W Magma
G Gaia V Volcanic
K Rocky X Toxic
L Glacial Y Crystaloid
M Metallic

What is Base34?

Base 34 is an extension of Base16 which lets us use a single digit as much as possible. Here is a mapping between Base34 and decimal.

0 0 H 17
1 1 J 18
2 2 K 19
3 3 L 20
4 4 M 21
5 5 N 22
6 6 P 23
7 7 Q 24
8 8 R 25
9 9 S 26
A 10 T 27
B 11 U 28
C 12 V 29
D 13 W 30
E 14 X 31
F 15 Y 32
G 16 Z 33

Color Coding

The Census uses color coding for key defense values. The color code is based on the best-practices in base defenses learned from the older galaxies. Specifically, UAP color coding assumes the following defenses as ideal—and are colored green in the UAP:

  • Planetary Rings (2)
  • Planetary Shields (2)
  • Disrupter Turrets (3)
  • Command Centers (15)

A minimal acceptable value is also present, and colored blue. Any other value is colored red.

  • Planetary Rings (1)
  • Planetary Shields (1)
  • Disrupter Turrets (2)
  • Command Centers (10)