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Advanced Base Guide F Aq


This is an FAQ for the Advanced Base Guide. The goal of that guide is to offer novice players a bit of experienced wisdom. It also challenges more experienced players who have not given optimal base design serious thought. This FAQ page tries to address some lingering questions to that guide that falls outside its scope.

Q: Why does the Research Column mention a reduced number of Spaceports?

Free players are limited in the number of Terraforms. The Research Labs increase the total number of spaces needed by 29 when the Fusion Plants and Urban structures are built. This puts an Arid astro with five Terraforms over its space allocation by five. The two ways to remedy this is to eithe reduce the number of Robotic Factories or Spaceports by five. This saves the need for one Urban and one Plant, totaling seven. The Production column demonstrates the reduction by Robotic Factories.

Q: What about Android Factories? Don’t Free players get five of them as well?

Free players get five Android Factories, which increase the energy demands by 20. This would require three more Fusion Plants and four more Urban Structures. This is a total space demand increase of 12 spaces for a production/construction improvement of 30. The Production Structures page shows the baseline construction for a Minimum base of 76, so this is an improvement of fifty percent. However, by researching to Cybernetics-10, a free player gains the same improvement without the increased space demands.

Q: What about Orbital Bases?